Biggest Disney store, World of Disney at Disney’s downtown marketplace

The biggest Disney store, World of Disney at downtown Disney marketplace

If you ever wondered what and where the biggest Walt Disney World store is, it’s The World of Disney store, located in the downtown Disney marketplace at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida.

The downtown Disney marketplace has many other Disney stores, but none compare to the 50,000 square foot World of Disney store, both in size and sales. Inside this store you can find just about everything Disney.

From plush Mickey Mouse dolls, Princess dresses, Disney key chains, Disney snow globes and more you can find it here. Every Disney character in some form can be found inside.

The World of Disney store employs over 700 people that work in rotating shifts. It has more than 4,000 different unique Disney items with the highest priced item going for around $5,000 bucks.

Other interesting facts about this giant Disney store is that it has over 50 cash registers to check out with, with queue guides to direct guest on where to stand in line in this busy store.

More than 8 million people a year visit the World of Disney store, more than some theme parks get in the Orlando area. Often tourist visit the store once when they get to Disney, then again just before going home.

So if your looking for something unique with a Disney theme or can’t find your favorite Disney character in a toy or doll, check out the World of Disney store at Disney’s downtown marketplace and I’m sure you’ll find what your looking for! :)